Road-/Rivershow auf Main und Rhein   >>>   Frankfurt 19.9.   Köln 21.9.   Düsseldorf 22.9.2023


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"Building fair with a difference" - 70 exhibitors welcome guests from the architecture scene in the same "fair hall"** on 3 days in 3 cities => Frankfurt, Cologne, Düsseldorf

(or 9 days in 9 cities Gent-Brussels-Antwerp and Rotterdam-Amsterdam-Utrecht; see below)

**a ship as an "exhibition hall" not only sets a standard visually as an event location, but also in terms of SUSTAINABILITY:

The ship runs on HVO 100, making it almost 100% CO2-neutral.

The energy supply of the location also works accordingly: electricity, light, heating, air conditioning.

A huge potential for reducing environmental pollution in road traffic lies in avoiding unnecessary transport. The best way to protect the environment is when there is as little traffic as possible (less carbon dioxide, fewer nitrogen oxides, less particulate matter, less noise). >>>

A common booth concept with only one-time set-up and dismantling for 3, 6 or 9 days in different cities means a significant reduction in effort in terms of logistics for the delivery and removal of material for the stand. The load on road traffic is reduced to 30% for 3 days - up to 90% for 9 days of the fair (all three countries).

Due to the ship's exclusive kitchen, the environment is additionally relieved due to the elimination of daily deliveries in the individual cities by external caterers.

Most visitors also always have short distances due to the trade fair location moving to the cities.

The BLUE RHAPSODY always docks in the heart of the city (city center) and is therefore easily accessible via public transport.



Come on board from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. and enjoy a special working atmosphere. The BLUE RHAPSODY is the latest benchmark in the industry and was
awarded the BEA World Award for the most beautiful event location in Milan in 2019.

The design ship is anchored on the banks of the Rhine and Main, near the respective old town, and is therefore also worth a trip for the foreign architectural scene from the point of view of regional architectural history and urban planning. So combine "pleasant with useful", first in an extraordinary ambience on a futuristic vehicle of modern times. Then immerse yourself in the listed living environment of previous generations and try the local national drinks, an "Ebbelwei", a "Kölsch" or an "Alt"


   Our road-/rivershow starts in BENELUX (same ship, other exponants)

more information via website BELGIUM


 Gent 5.9.

Brussel 7.9.

Antwerpen 8.9.

more information via website NEDERLAND

Rotterdam 12.9.

Amsterdam 13.9.

Utrecht 14.9.

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